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After Mel B confirmed that the Spice Girls would be making an appearance at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, one question popped into everyone’s minds: Would the iconic girl group be performing at the royal wedding?

Scary Spice couldn’t confirm (or deny!) that the ladies would be singing, but it got fans hyped for a possible performance. After the girls posted a reunion selfie earlier this year, fans have been itching for more Spice-related content. But which song would be the best song to play at a wedding?

Odds are good that “Wannabe” is not the best choice for a wedding dance -- but they could make it work! There are a collection of romantic songs that could potentially work at the wedding, in addition to their biggest hits. There is the classic smooth jam “2 Become 1” from their debut album, or the lesser-known romantic ballad “Oxygen.”

Of course, there is also “Let Love Lead The Way” from their third studio album, Forever. Then there’s their powerful slow ballad “Times Go By” with the super gushy lyrics: You are the reason that my heart beats/ And no, I never thought I will ever fall so deep.”